World actions

Users with sufficient Permission model can take world-relevant actions like create rooms.

Room creation

Rooms can be created with

<= [“room.create”, { … }]

The body of the room is structured like this:

    "name": "Neuer Raum",
    "modules": [],
    "permission_preset": "public",
    "announcements": []

The content of modules can be any list of objects just like in the World configuration, though only the presence of {"type": "chat.native"} will currently be processed by the server.

All users will receive a complete room.create message. The payload is the same as a room object in the world config.

Additionally, the requesting user will receive a success response in the form

    "room": "room-id-goes-here",
    "channel": "channel-id-goes-here-if-appropriate"

World configuration

As an administrator, you can also get a world’s internal configuration:

=> ["world.config.get", 123, {}]
<- ["success", 123, {…}]

And update it:

=> ["world.config.patch", 123, {"title": "Bla"}]
<- ["success", 123, {…}]